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Football Betting – Betting on goalscorers

If you are trying to capitalize on betting, betting it may seem to the world-famous stars like striker right choice. But due to the low bet that is usually not. When wagering on goal scorer, so you should skip these stars and pay more attention to the specialists at free kicks and penalty, or hlavičkáře who are a threat when digging corners and center. In such situations are often successful skilled attackers and defenders, who have much better odds than the players at the tip. And just for these reasons it pays to watch, who has a team available and the spirit in which the game is run. Here are some tips on what to when betting on goal scorer watch and what to focus most.

Specialists direct free kicks

On direct free kicks, most teams specialist. While you when this sentence is surely arises mean a Christiano Ronaldo, who from middle distance scores very often, so it is not so attractive courses again, there are other skilled players, however, are much more subtle and thus the value of i, by betting on them to get much higher. As an example of such Seb Larsson or Leight Baines, who scored straight season 2010/2011 7 out of 44 games, which is a pretty staggering number defender. These defenders are Racetrack remunerated very favorable odds and betting because they experienced punter almost duties.

Shooters penalt

Bet on the shooter penalties may be another way out of their bets to get the highest value. Courses shooter penalties are usually reduced if their executors at the same time the invaders. However, if it looks into the ranks of shooters penalties from defenders, we find really attractive items. If we were to give one of these players, then we have to remember, for example, Mikel Arteta and Mark Noble. Mike Arteta in 2011/2012 for Arsenal scored from the penalty spot even eight of 41 matches.

Scoring defenders

The Defense teams usually take a defender while digging corners and direct free kicks. Therefore, we would certainly not forget them. There are, among them versatile player who can finish off very often and still have high rates. Think of John Terry, who in the 2011/2012 season for Chelsea scored 6 goals in 31 matches, and Thomas Vermaelen, who in the same season for Arsenal scored 6 goals in 29 matches. If I remember correctly, namely Thomas Vermaelen had scored course to about 10.5.

Scoring midfielders

Reservists usually have lower odds than their dangerous teammates from the ranks of the defenders, but on the other hand, they are often more likely to enroll on the scoreboard. I have in mind now mainly type midfielders Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, who often hold of the match twice. If you encounter a midfielder with an eye for terminating, it would have to consider the stakes, because even though the odds are they are lower than those scoring defenders, on the other hand, are higher than those scoring strikers. And yet there is a chance of scoring midfielders and strikers in many teams quite the same.

Of course, betting on football could always go wrong. However, if you focus on the true value of bets, with occasional setbacks will be profitable. Just simply just forget bet on scoring Messi or Ronaldo.